Behind the scenes

So... how did you guys meet?!!

Our story starts on Fools' Day: what a better beginning? The First of April of 2010, we sat at the same table in Prato, two bright minds trying to help Coop (a hypermarket chain) to sell more television.
The love was so immediate and intense that Stefano asked to be reassigned to a different project: he was desperately trying to escape Irene's spidernet (did his sixth sense adise him to do so?!?). But with a tricky email she managed to force him to invite her out for dinner. Before getting to the restaurant ("The Holy Drinker... too perfect to be a coincidence! Thanks Zio for the tip), Irene tried hard to convince Stefano to give up (ahhh the coherence of women!), attempting first to destroy one of the doors of his beloved car, and then to gracefully break the rear mirror.

Your first weekend together?

In Villa Castelletti! Yes, we spent our first weekend together at the Borgo. Even if it was mid-May, while we were having a walk in the Park (trying to scape the insurance brokers that were having their annual meeting…) we found a huge porcini mushroom, called "Giovanni", which was quickly turned into a risotto.

Your first trip together?

A few weeks after meeting each other, we decided to go to New York together for ten days. It was our "make it or break it" time: we walked miles and miles walking around the Big Apple, weekends with brand new friends (Carolien, Chris R, Matteo and Marco among all), Irene falling asleep in front of the broadway musical and at the jazz concert that Stefano loved so much, Stefano officially moving into the Apple Store on the Fifth Avenue... up to the romatic walk on the Brooklyn Bridge at 3 in the morning.

The most shocking night (for Irene)?

On their third night out Stefano, figuring out that keeping a secret with Irene is almost impossible, decided to tell her all about his past in one hight. Better than going to the movies!!! Especially because instead of popcorn and coke there was a good Tuscan stake with Chianti wine.

The most shocking night (for Stefano)?

When Irene suggested him to watch together Inter-Barcelona on TV (Champions League), while eating pizza from the box and brinking beer from the bottle…

What's never missing in your fridge?

The classical italian soft sausage perfect for aperitivo, a typical italian soft drink bright yellow and two good bottles of wine. Apart from that... it's emptier than a black hole!